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My husband & I met Francis and Alice when we considered adoption in Feb 2011. They were the most comfortable people we talked to about adoption and they won us over by their honesty, a sincere attitude and concern for the welfare of the babies in their care. We also liked the way they conducted their business with clear transparency and accountability. That year, we were very blessed to meet our beautiful daughter and we adopted her at 4 months. The process was smoother and quicker than we expected! Francis and Alice were both efficient and well-informed of the relevant procedures.

Following that in October 2012, we went back to them again, set eyes on a lovely handsome boy and adopted our son. He came home with us at 3 months, also with the same efficiency and hassle-free manner that our agents are so good at. Both our children are now turning 4 years and 2 years respectively. They are healthy, bright and active children.

I strongly recommend anyone who is considering adoption to consider Joyful Child Adoption Agency favourably.

Fred and Chin

We have adopted a cute two months old little boy from Joyful Adoption Agency last year. The whole process was a smooth one as Francis from Joyful went through the whole process with us step by step.

After getting our HSR done, we approach a few agencies but only Joyful get back to us and went through the procedure with us patiently. When our baby arrives in Singapore , Alice also from Joyful took really good care of him until our dependent pass was approved. Alice was kind enough to allow us to visit the baby almost every night at her home to bond with him before we get our dependent pass and also advice us on how to take care of our baby.

We are very pleased with the services provided by Joyful and we have already got our baby Singapore birth certificate and Citizenship all done in about 6 months after our baby arrive in Singapore .Our baby is now 8 months old and we are really glad that we have made this decision to go through this adoption process with JOYFUL which are efficient, patience and Stress free.

Thank you Francis and Alice and we hope your agency can continue to help more couples like us to enjoy a JOYFUL and FUFILLING family life with a new addition to our family.

Patrick Tan

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