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We help make family life more WARM, JOYFUL and COMPLETE

About Us


Dear prospective Adoptive Parents, a very Good Day to you!

To help make your family life more warm, JOYFUL and complete, we have many healthy, cute and adorable babies/children, from 2 weeks to 2 years of age, ready for adoption from various neighbouring countries.

These babies/children who usually come from very poor families, need your tender loving care to have a better life and a brighter future.

Our attractive and joyful adoption packages include full documentation including assistance to apply for the Home Study Report (HSR) if you need such assistance, medical expenses to determine the selected child’s medical fitness for adoption, full legal fees, both in the country of origin of the child and in Singapore, up to 8 interest-free instalments, and follow-up services until the issuance of the adoption child’s new Birth Certificate in Singapore.

Established since 1999, under the formerly registered company name of Joyful Marriage & Child Adoption Agency, we have helped many childless couples and/or single parents to make their family life more warm, joyful and complete.

Realizing that we have got more satisfaction in conducting our child adoption services than marriage services, our entire focus is now on the child adoption services.

Engaging our child adoption services can only be hassle-free and a joyful experience. This is because the adoptive parents will be guided like tourists in guided tours, from one stage or procedure to the next, until the issuance of the adopted child’s new Singapore Birth Certificate. And we will do all the errands for them, from the application for the HSR, the application and collection of the Dependant Pass of the adopted child from the Ministry of Social and Family (MSF) Development, the assignment of an experienced and reliable lawyer to conduct all necessary legal documentation in Singapore, the sharing/discussion on the MSF’s Home visit and Interview, the signing of the Statutory Declaration (SD) by a Commissioner of Oath to, among other things, certify that the adopted child facilitated through our adoption agency/company was not illegally obtained for adoption, etc.

We conduct our adoption services patiently and joyfully at all times, with the aims of giving all our adoptive parents a high standard of satisfaction in our service quality and reliability. We also ensure all our adoptive parents a 100% Confidentiality.

We are available daily (including Sundays and Public Holidays) by Appointment.
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