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Home Study Report

Apply for Home Study Report

A Home Study Report (HSR) is a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the adoption and the circumstances of your family. It also assesses whether you and your spouse are eligible and ready to adopt a child.

A Home Study is conducted by professional social service staff from voluntary welfare organisations accredited by MSF.

A Home Study Report is required if you are adopting a foreign-born child or if you wish to adopt a child from MSF Fostering Scheme or a child from Project Cherub

When do I need a Home Study Report?

The HSR must be prepared before you start looking for a suitable child to adopt. You cannot agree to adopt any child who was introduced to you by any agency or individual or to initiate any legal adoption proceedings before you have a favourable HSR.

How much does a Home Study Report cost?

With effect from 1 Dec 2012, the fee for a home study report will be $1500. The amount is subjected to change from time to time. Please check with the individual accredited agencies for more details.

How long is the Home Study Report valid for ?

A HSR is valid for two years.

Each HSR is valid for one adoption only. You are required to undergo a fresh Home Study if the validity of your HSR has expired.

Adoption of a second and subsequent child

Before you consider adopting another child, you are strongly encouraged to make sure that your first adopted child has adjusted and bonded well with your family and the environment. Introducing another new member too soon can cause confusion and uncertainty for your child. You may also have to deal with sibling rivalry issues.

You will be required to do a second home study report on your current circumstances. The report assesses how ready you are to parent another child and will take into account the welfare of your first adopted child, parent-child bonding and your current family circumstances. You may have to wait for at least nine months from the date you adopted your first child (as indicated in the Adoption Order) before you can register for the second report.

You may have to wait for at least 9 months from the date you adopted your first child (as indicated in the Adoption Order) before you can register for the second report.

Request for Home Study Report from other countries

Some countries may require a HSR to be forwarded to their adoption authorities if adopters wish to legally adopt the child in the child’s birth country. You are advised to check with relevant foreign authorities or seek legal advice.

Some foreign adoption authorities may also require post-adoption reports to be prepared and sent over periodically after the child is brought into Singapore and until the child is legally adopted in Singapore. Such post-adoption reports investigate the bonding and relationship between the child and the adopters. Prospective adoptive parents may also approach our accredited agencies for such reports.

See more at: http://app.msf.gov.sg/Adoption/ApplyforHomeStudyReport.aspx#sthash.MR7gtVjR.dpuf

Source : http://app.msf.gov.sg/Adoption/ApplyforHomeStudyReport.aspx


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