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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that my adopted child will bond with me?

Play with your kid! The best way to bond with your child is to mingle and play with him or her. Feed him, cloth him, bath him, clean him and all ways of interaction is sure to improve the bonding over time.

How long is the Home Study Report valid for?

A HSR is valid for two years

Am I eligible to adopt?

Please call us at  6382 3253 for more details. We would be glad to assist you on the finer queries.

How do I go about adopting a child?

If the child is a foreign child ( not born in Singapore ), you need to apply a Home Study Report (HSR).

Step 1 – Self Evaluation & Research
You should evaluate your motivation and readiness to adopt, discuss with significant people in you life, read books on adoption or talk to adoptive parents. We strongly encourage you to attend a pre-adoption briefing/talk.

Step 2 – Home Study
You should get a home study report (HSR) done prior to identifying a foreign child for adoption. A HSR is an assessment of a prospective adopter’s suitability and readiness to adopt a child. Visit the weblink at the end of this article for a list of accredited HSR agencies in Singapore.

Step 3 – Sourcing for a Child
You may approach an adoption (placement) agency, whether locally or overseas, to help you source for a child. Alternatively, you may approach some overseas orphanages directly. The documentation, costs, length of time, procedures, approval and child match differ for each country and agency.

Step 4 – Legalisation & Citizenship
You will have to apply for a dependant’s pass for the child’s entry into Singapore for the adoption process, if the child is not a Singaporean. The application form is available on the MCYS website as stated at the end of this article. You will also need to engage a lawyer who can facilitate the
legalization of the adoption in Singapore or your home country. After the adoption order is obtained, you may apply for citizenship for your child.


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